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Revlon Professional is a brand that encompasses color, styling, hair care and hair treatment products, distributed exclusively to professionals. Revlon Professional stands for Creativity, Vision and Expertise to discover through the hair’s intrinsic beauty and personality of each woman. Since its creation, Revlon Professional has been synonymous of innovation, fashion and technology at the service of the most creative professionals and their clients. Our portfolio of Salon products, including Revlonissimo, Nutricolor, Sensor Perm, Equave, Fermodyl, Style Master, Orofluido and it has gained the confidence and prestige of professionals than 100 countries.

It differs from other brands in the industry by several factors. First, the products designed from the professional perspective. . From the beginning, our products have been designed with a clear professional approach to meet the needs of consumers and, above all, to meet the demands of professionals in the most demanding hair: barbers. Next, The aim is to reveal the existing beauty. Revlon Professional products help women and your hairdresser to enhance the most of the natural beauty of hair. Last but not least, there are leaders in the use of new applications and technologies. The brand Revlon Professional highlighted by the use of components and the latest technology, such as nanotechnology and hydra capture system.

Revlon Professional代表着创意,目光独到与专业。产品系列中包括了彩色系列,造型系列,护发系列和修发系列。 一路走来,他们都不遗余力地通过秀发中带出人最美丽的一面。此外,在Revlon Professional的产品中,也带出了集结于革新,时尚与科技于一身的精品。产品如Revlonissimo,Nutricolor,Sensor Perm,Equave,Fermodyl,Style Master,Orofluido,等都已经在超过100个国家得到了专业理发,造型和护发师的认可。

Revlon Professional与其它品牌不同。第一,所有产品都是经过专业性的考量后才推出。这将能够有效地满足专业理发师和顾客的要求。 此外,Revlon Professional也非常看重自然美。所以,产品都是以加强自然美为唯一宗旨。最后,Revlon Professional也通过高科技来加强产品的功效以让秀发得到最完善的保护。