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American Crew Classic Elvis Pompadour Kit

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AC Daily Shampoo 250ml + AC Firm Hold Styling Gel 100ml + AC Pomade 85g + AC King of Men’s Grooming Comb
美国队员日用洗发露 250ml +美国队员高度定型啫喱100ml + 美国队员润发油 85g + 美国队员特制男士梳子

[Official Authorisation]
The American Crew Classic Elvis Pompadour Kit contain of four products, which are the daily shampoo, firm hold styling gel, pomade and grooming comb. Derived from natural resources, AC daily shampoo helps to break down excess oil in hair, allowing it to be gently rinsed away. The Sage leaf and Chamomile extracts used in it also help to provide shine hair, reduce bacteria and protect hair colour. The firm hold styling gel is an alcohol-free product, formulating with vitamin B5 creating thicker and additional shine look while the low PH value of this product useful to prevent drying of hair and scalp too. AC pomade works well for curly hair and provides a modern, flexible alternative to styling gels, creating classic, slicked back looks or for control in any hair type.

美国队员猫王经典配套内含有美国队员日用洗发露 、高度定型啫喱、润发油以及美国队员特制男士梳子四样产品。美国队员日用洗发露原材料取自于天然的植物精华,能有效地分解头发中多余的油脂,使清洗工作更有效率。成分中所采用的鼠尾草及洋甘菊提取物有助于发质变得光泽亮丽,同时减少细菌滋长和保护发色。美国队员高度定型啫喱不含有酒精成分,维生素B5还能打造浓密的造型效果,让发型更有光泽,而产品的低PH值能防止头发、头皮干燥。国队员润发油适用于所有发型,包括难搞的卷发。它能取代凝胶,用于梳理经典的男性油头或任何发型。

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