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American Crew Classic Kit

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AC Daily Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml + AC Firm Hold Styling Gel 250ml
美国队员日常保湿洗发露 250毫升 + 美国队员高度定型啫喱 250毫升

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The American Crew Classic Kit contain of two products, which are the daily moisturizing shampoo and firm hold styling gel. With enhance moisturizing properties, AC daily moisturizing shampoo will provide moisture balance while cleansing and invigorating hair and scalp. Besides, it helps in softening hair, promoting healthy scalp and hair. The firm hold styling gel is an alcohol-free product, formulating with vitamin B5 creating thicker and additional shine look while the low PH value of this product useful to prevent drying of hair and scalp too.

美国队员经典配套内含有美国队员日常保湿洗发露 以及高度定型啫喱两样产品。美国队员日常保湿洗发露具有滋润功效,在有效清洁头皮的同时还能增强秀发的韧性。不仅如此,独特的浓缩配方能舒缓和软化头皮和头发,增加营养及保持头皮健康。美国队员高度定型啫喱不含有酒精成分,维生素B5有助于打造浓密的造型效果,让发型更有光泽,而产品的低PH值能防止头发、头皮干燥,适合所有发质使用。

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