Charmvit Neck Shutter

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Size : 52cm x 44cm  Around Neck 14.5cm / 40cm(Small) Around Neck 14cm

Colour: Black

Synthetic Rubber made, “Neck Shutter”, is used to wrap around neck to keep clean clients neck. This soft and comfortable neck wrap is designed for professional use. It is used while shampooing, cutting, coloring, and perming. It is available in many different color. It is reusable item.

尺寸:52cmx 44cm 颈部周围 14.5cm / 40cm (小)颈部周围 14cm


由合成橡胶制成,“Neck Shutter”,是用来环绕颈部周围,使顾客的颈项保持清洁。这种柔软舒适的颈部包是专门让专业人员使用。这是用在洗头发,剪头发,染发,及烫发。它有很多种颜色。它可再重复使用。


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