Organics Hair Oil

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Organics Hair Oil

Gives hair shine and moisture
COSMOS ORGANIC certified oil
Of all the ingredients, 100% are naturally derived and 73% are organic plant derived.
An oil for both hair and body that contains sunflower seed oil (hair repair ingredient) that prevents drying and repairs damage.
Moisturizes the hair while giving it luster and moisture, leading to hair that is easy to manage.

Hair Oil

Treatment that does not wash away

<Organic ingredients>
Sunflower seed oil (hair repair ingredient), almond oil (hair protection ingredient)

COSMOS certification Two certification levels

COSMOS organic certification
COSMOS organic certification
  • At least 20% of the finished product must be organic.
  • At least 95% of physically processed agricultural raw materials must be organic raw materials.
  • All COSMOS NATURAL criteria must be met.
COSMOS Natural Certification
COSMOS Natural Certification
  • All ingredients used must be scrutinized ingredients.

* Scrutinized raw materials: water, minerals, physically processed agricultural product raw materials, chemically treated agricultural product raw materials, and other raw materials

What is Vegan

Vegan is a concept that originated in the United Kingdom, and is a “vegan diet” that does not use anything derived from animals for various reasons such as physical and mental health, beauty, animal welfare, and environmental protection. Avoid the use of animal products in all food, clothing and shelter, not just food. In the world, vegan vegetarians and healthy enthusiasts who prefer organic and natural vegans have become a selection criterion and permeate their lives. The number of people who support a lifestyle that is kind to both the body and the environment is increasing year by year in Japan, and it is expected that it will become a new selection criterion in the future.

Vegan certification
Vegan certification
  • No animal-derived ingredients are used.
  • No animal experiments are conducted.
  • Do not use genetically modified ingredients.

* Displayed on the label when using other than animal-derived DNA

含有葵花籽油(护发成分),具有保湿和修复损伤的作用。 它可以将干燥且难以处理的头发变成可操纵的发亮头发,为受损的头发补水和修复。




We sincerely keep the “12 promises” because we want you to be convinced and use it comfortably. Based on the global standard of COSMOS, we are particular about not only the ingredients but also the packaging, and consider the burden on the environment as well as the usability. We will help you and your loved ones to stay healthy every day.

  • All raw materials have passed the strict examination of COSMOS (International Unified Standard for Organic Cosmetics).
  • We will disclose as much as possible the origin of the naturally derived raw materials used.
  • Use environmentally friendly containers and packaging wherever possible.
  • Over 95% of the water-containing ingredients are naturally derived ingredients.
  • We do not use petroleum-derived materials or naturally-derived materials treated with petroleum-based substances. * Excluding some points approved by the COSMOS standard
  • No animal-derived ingredients are used. * Excluding some products
  • We do not conduct animal experiments that cause pain to animals.
  • We do not use genetically modified ingredients that may have an impact on the body or the environment.
  • No parabens (preservatives) are used.
  • We do not use inorganic fine particle raw materials (nanomaterial raw materials) of 100 nanometers or less.
  • No alcohol is used.
  • No synthetic dyes are used.
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Damaged Hair, Dry Hair