450° Headset

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450° Headset

Sexy Hair – Sexy Hair’s Style 450° Headset Heat Defence Setting Spray -250ml

450 Headset

Hold: 7 | Shine: 5

  • High quality.
  • Protects hair from heat damage up to 450 degree.
  • for all hair types.
  • Imported from USA.

This is for 1 pcs. Style Sexy Hair 450 Headset – Heat Defense Setting Spray by Sexy Hair for Unisex – 8.5 oz. Hair SprayThis spray protects hair from heat damage.

Dynamx and amphome provide thermal protection up to 450 f. Finishes any style with shine and style flexibility without weighing the hair down. Adds softness and manageability while eliminating frizz.

Designer: Sexy HairSize: 8.5 oz.Type: Hair SprayGender: UnisexMade in USA

Sexy Style Sexy 450 Headset Heat Defense Setting Spray 250ml

  • Thermal defense setting spray for all hair types.
  • DynamX® and AMPHOMER® provide protection from hot tools up to 450°F.
  • Humidity resistant, adds shine, controls frizz and helps keep style looking and feeling natural.

How To Use
Spray on dry hair section by section, set with hot rollers or curling iron. Can also be used on damp hair for blow-dry styling.


Sexy Hair Style Headset Heat Defense Setting Spray, 8.5 Ounce

Sexy Style Sexy 450 Headset Heat Defense Setting Spray 250ml是1个。 样式性感的头发450-热防御设置浪花由性感的头发为男女皆宜的-8.5盎司。 发胶喷雾可保护头发免受热损伤。

Dynamx和amphome可提供高达450 Defense Setting Spray。 完成任何样式都具有光泽和样式灵活性,而不会压低头发。 增加柔软性和可管理性,同时消除毛躁。


如果您喜欢自己的头发,就知道整天需要一点额外的保护,尤其是在您定期使用造型工具的情况下。Sexy Style Sexy 450Headset Heat Defense Setting Spray防热定型喷雾为您提供所需的保护,可保护头发免受高达450华氏度的热量的伤害。

注入加强型Pro-Vitamin B5,可强化头发,同时锁住您的发型。 它防潮,有助于控制毛躁,并为您的锁增加镜面般的光泽。 头发具有自然修饰的质感; 它看起来柔软,健康,发光。




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