Born from the sea, from science, and from our experience.

Our history began over 20 years ago, when one of our researchers, working on the formulation of a new cosmetic product, discovered how trace elements and marine spring waters played an extraordinary role in the resolution of scalp anomalies.From this intuition, after years of work, was born an extraordinary formula, which collected the best from the sea to bring it in all the salons.

We called it Ekinos, from the Greek, conch. Because like a shell, it contained the most precious things: the handling power of the purest water of marine spring, specific algae and trace elements.


Over time the Ekinos brand has evolved into EKSPERIENCE, because it has been enriched with the experience of all salons and professionals who after years of use of the product have become Hair Ekspert.

Thanks to this experience, our products have given life to a real philosophy, which starts from the origin of life: the sea (SEA), passes through scientific research and progress (SCIENCE), and reaches the global involvement of the senses (SENSES), thanks to the Beauty Rituals that make the experience unique of the client in the salon.

Our Feauture Product