Colorica Oxidizing Cream

Name: Colorica Oxidizing CreamVol: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40Size: 900ml

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Colorica Oxidizing Cream

Consistent homogeneous and fluid mixture.
Enriched with softening ingredients.
Wheat germ provides protection during colouring.
How to Use:Mixing proportion is 1 part + 1 1/2 partColorica Color Cream 100ml + Colorica Oxidizing Cream 150ml

Wheat Germ:Particularly rich in nutrients to favour the germination and growth of the plant, it nourishes the hair deep down.

Volcanic Water:In the depths of Mount Etna runs a source of spring water that absorbs precious minerals from the layers of molten rock through which it flows. These minerals increasing its revitalising properties.




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