Control Maniac

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Control Maniac

Styling Wax
Hold: 7 | Shine: 7

A wax styler with powerful control. This sleek wax delivers maximum definition to create strong and long lasting shapes. Provides optimum control, definition and firm all-day hold.

  • Sexy hair short sexy hair control maniac wax is a superior wax that supplies extreme control and definition to give you style and shape that last all day.
  • Gives your hair a shiny, finished look with no flyaways.
    Supports the root and gives free-flowing volume.
  • Wax is also a very versatile product in that it’s suitable for any type of hair – thick, thin, long and short.
  • Contains beeswax which provides moisture and ease of styling and is used to naturally stimulate hair growth.

How To Use

Work a small amount through dry hair and style.

STYLING WAX Wax texture provides definition Creates strong shapes & styles.
Work a small amount through dry hair and style.
High shine styling wax that creates strong shapes and styles.

Holds well, lasts a long time, and makes your hair feel very natural and healthy, unlike using gel. Smells good too! for favorite part about wax is that it’s slightly waterproof, so even after getting in the pool and drying my hair off, still shape it pretty well. Shampoo washes it right out, though!

If you like to create strong shapes with a strong hold, or you are needing a product for edge control, Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac is an excellent option.

Co polymer Forms a glossy layer that adds body.

Control Maniac蜡是一种定型蜡,可提供最大的清晰度以创建坚固,持久的形状,并且具有高保持力和高光泽度。坚硬的干发蜡最适合中等至短发。



Sexy Hair Style Control Maniac


Style Sexy Hair产品可帮助您创建自己喜欢的外观,质地和定型效果。从各种造型产品中进行选择,包括头发质地乳霜,男女用发胶以及SEXYHAIR的头发造型蜡。 SEXYHAIR受到专业人士的喜爱,并以我们的红色大发胶而闻名。我们是领先的专业发胶品牌。我们还提供各种造型和护发产品,可满足大多数头发类型的需求。




Style Sexy Hair




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