Hue Care Scalp Serum

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Hue Care Scalp Serum

Prepare the scalp environment and restore the natural beauty of hair, both now and in the future.

VITAMELANIN that nurtures the original beautiful color of hair

By totally approaching the elements of youthfulness and beauty of hair, we will prepare a scalp environment that nurtures healthier and more beautiful hair.

* 1 DARKENYL ™ ️

Zinc chloride (moisturizing ingredient), sodium metabisulfite (antioxidant ingredient of raw material) Lalix Europaea wood extract (moisturizing ingredient), cha leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient) glycerin (moisturizing ingredient), acetyltyrosine (moisturizing ingredient), glycine ( Moisturizing ingredient)

* 2 Chromafend ™ ️

Water, glycerin (moisturizing ingredient), hydrolyzed flax seed extract (moisturizing ingredient) Na benzoate (preservative)

* 3 Melitane ™ ️GL <Meritan GL>

Water, glycerin (moisturizing ingredient), dextran (moisturizing ingredient), acetylhexapeptide-1 (moisturizing ingredient)

Three-dimensional moisturizing with four types of hyaluronic acid * 4

By blending four types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, the beauty ingredients that have penetrated into the stratum corneum can be circulated throughout the scalp.

lcohol free

No alcohol (ethanol) is used to promote the fading of hair color.
Penetration ingredient Neosolue ™ -Aqulio <Neosolue ™ * 9 combination, scalp care ingredient firmly delivered to the stratum corneum.
* 9 Cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxydiglycol (moisturizing ingredient) Neosolue ™ -Aqulio is a registered trademark of Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Green technology

Number Three’s proprietary technology that applies hydrophobicized plant fiber (S.Fiber). Achieves color retention, luster, texture, and gentleness.

Scalp Serum: Quince Seed Extract (moisturizing ingredient)

Botanical essence

Peony root extract
(moisturizing ingredient)

Ogon root extract
(moisturizing ingredient)

Clove extract
(moisturizing ingredient)

Panax ginseng root extract
(moisturizing ingredient)

Soybean seed extract
(moisturizing ingredient)

HUE CARE is all lineup Vegan / PeTA / HALAL certified.

Vegan (vegan) / PeTA (Peter) and is

It is a “vegetarianism” that does not use any animal-derived products for various reasons such as physical and mental health, beauty, animal welfare, and environmental protection. In the world, Vegan and PeTA are the criteria of choice among vegetarian vegetarians and healthy enthusiasts who prefer organic naturals.

HALAL (Halal) and is

Proof that the food, goods, or services are in accordance with Islamic rules. Proof of health, cleanliness, safety and high quality, it is chosen by Muslims as well as those who support a healthy lifestyle all over the world.

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