Liposoluble Wax-Talcum Wax

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Liposoluble Wax-Talcum Wax(100/400g)

Talc, used for decades as a relief from skin irritations, is now included in this unique wax formulation. Known for its softness, the addition of talcum powder improves the adhension of Talcum wax to the hair, guaranteeing optimum results. The delicate talcum scent cocoons and calms yours senses during depilation.

Improved adhension to hair for an even more complete depliation.
Titanium dioxide creates a creamy formula that is easy to spread.
Does not contain colophony, a known skin irritant and allergen.
Delicate to the skin, for maximum comfort while waxing.

妥肯,是Talc的音译。Talc就是滑石粉(爽身粉),过去一直用来纾解皮肤不适,最主要的特点就是柔软,在妥肯蜡(Talcum Wax) 的黏著性方面发挥相当适宜的功效。其幽香更有助于保护和平缓阁下的皮肤。

二氧化钛(Titanium Dioxide)使除毛蜡有奶油般的顺滑。


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