Muriem Crystal Scalp Vital Infusion Jet

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Muriem Cryatal Scalp Vital Infusion Jet

Preventive hair-loss care, thinning hair, itchiness and dandruff by cool refreshing spray tonic.Scalp Vital Infusion Jet,Hair loss measures for the future that start before you worry.

It is comfortable to use on the scalp.The spray type is refreshing and refreshing. Easy to apply to the scalp and easy to use.

As a preventive item for those who have a large amount of sebum on their scalp and are beginning to worry about hair loss.A hair growth tonic that is easy to use.



Those that have a mild effect on the human body and are not instruments or machines.
Contains ingredients that have been shown to be effective and effective, but with an emphasis on prevention.



General hair care item.
The purpose is to cleanse the body and make it look beautiful.


We focused on the signals of hair loss and growth.
Prepares a healthy hair cycle without any disturbance.

One of the causes of increased hair loss is that the hair growth period is shortened and the hair falls out before it grows well.



“Spray type” for quick application and no direct contact with the container. It feels good and refreshing on the scalp.



Hair growth, thinning hair, itchiness, prevention of hair loss & dandruff, promotion of hair growth.


Active ingredient

  1. Tamasaki Tsuzurafu dialkaloid
  2. β-glycyrrhetinic acid
  3. DL-α-tocopherol acetate
  4. Loquat leaf extract (wetting agent)
  5. Asenyak extract (wetting agent)
  6. Morus alba bark extract (wetting agent)
  7. Seaweed extract (wetting agent)



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Muriem Crystal


Scalp with Hair Loss Problems


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