Muriem Pink Gloss Shampoo

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Gloss Shampoo

The gloss and smooth formulation that is perfect for dull hair, gently cleanses and enhancing shine. A silky, flowing touch and new luster for every strand.





Muriem Pink Gloss Shampoo hair care series “gloss'” smell ‘ “Hair’ more and increase the attractiveness of form in the three points.

Of shiny hair attractive than the hair that was color enhanced a sense of luster from inside and outside the show more beautiful. beautiful form, the hair of glossy.


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Muriem Pink Gloss Shampoo in polish ingredients carefully selected, leads to shiny hair full of light.
scent at the White Rose musk smell sweet base, directing the feminine.

Muriem Pink Gloss in the sweet fresh scent blended with the scent of flowers and fruit, gorgeous day will produce the feeling.




采用光滑因子配方针对暗淡无光的发质,彻底清洁秀发,让秀发呈现柔亮光滑。 #numberthree

Murium洗发水G /护理G



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Number Three


Muriem Pink


Dry Hair, Dull-Looking Hair


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