Straight Perm

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  • 菲灵“柔离子娇正烫”改善了负离子垂直伏贴的效果,使直发更加柔和自然。
  • 针对自然卷。沙发、毛躁等卷曲发质,在创造柔顺自然效果的同时,更加呵护发质。
  • 为发廊创造了高标准的收费项目,是迄今为止仍无法忽视的一款直发产品。
  • The “Feeling Soft Ion Perm” improves the effect of negative ions vertically adhering, making straight hair softer and more natural.
  • Targeting curly hair with natural curls, frizz, and other textures, it creates a smooth and natural effect while caring for the hair quality.
  • It has created a high-standard charging item for hair salons, and is still an indispensable straight hair product to date.



800ml + 800ml