Tocosme Tuning Deotreat Buffer

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Tocosme Deotreat Buffer

pH 4.0, Reduces the unpleasant odour during and after the service  to make the experience stress-free. Adjusts the pH so that the 2nd Lotion soaks through and enters the cortex and the curl lasts long.pH脂4.0,减少难闻的气味在烫发期间和之后服务来给予一个无压力的经验。调整pH,使第二乳泡进入毛发皮层及卷曲的时间持续较长。

Deotreat buffer (deotritnaya protection) Adjust the pH. It reflects best Tocosme series of strong points thanks to a deodorant action, therapeutic and protective effects.


Number Three




Smoothing Service, Wave Service


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