Revlon Professional Uniq One All-in-One Hair Treatment

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Uniq One Hair Treatment

What is it?

Clients has become used to gadgets and phones that do almost everything in one. With this instant gratification and ease-of-use in mind, Uniq One has been created. This single product offers the benefits of 10 individual products in one bottle claims the manufacturer.




  1. Repair for dry & damaged hair  修护干性与受损秀发
  2. Shine & frizz control  抚平毛躁
  3. Heat protection  抗热
  4. Silkiness & smoothness  让头发如丝般柔顺润滑
  5. Hair color protection with UVA & UVB filters  隔离阳光紫外线A和B并达到护色效果
  6. Easier brushing & ironing  使秀发更容易梳理与熨烫
  7. Incredible detangling  预防打结
  8. Long-lasting hair style  造型持久
  9. Split ends prevention  预防发尾开叉
  10. Adds body  增加蓬松感



How does it work?

Uniq One can be used on all hair types. Add to damp hair for a silk blow-dry, or use on dry hair for styling, smoothing or add body. A scientific formula has been created so that the product comes out as a liquid spray, for gentle styling and hold, but can be rubbed together in the hands to create a creamy consistency, ideal for use as a leave-in conditioner.




How will clients benefit?

Instead of taking 10 products on holidays, clients can take a handy-sized bottle of Uniq One, which will give multiple hair results. It’s also convenient to pop in a handbag for nights out.




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