Conair Facial Care Duo (C8470H)

Name: Conair Facial Care DuoModel: C8470HSKU: CA-C8470H

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Conair Facial Care Duo_C8470H


Damaged Skin
Ion Moisture
Ion Conditioned Skin
Ionic Steamer
Ergonomic Mask
Cool Mister
Storage Pouch
Handheld Ionic Steamer- Mains operated- On / Off button- Ergonomic mask for use on T-zone- Water Tank- Water Tank plug
Handheld Cordless Cool Mister- Battery operated (2 x AA batteries – not included)- On / Off button- Water tank
Water Beaker
Storage Pouch
Handheld Ionic SteamerHandheld ionic steamer for total comfort. Smaller mask especially designed for use on T-zone. Ionic steam for deep cleansing and moisturising.

Handheld Cordless Cool MisterUse the handheld cordless cool mister, moisturise and refresh the skin.

Damaged SkinPositive ions are usually “bad” for skin because pollutants and dirt that affect skin condition are usually positively charged

Ion MoistureNegative ions add moisture and prevent dried up and dull skin by:┖Splitting water molecules into smaller sizes┖Allowing water molecules to easily penetrate skin moisturizing it inside and out.

Ion Conditioned SkinNegative ions are “good” to skin by neutralizing the “bad” positive ions Ionic conditioned skin will be smooth with a healthy glow and softness.


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