Revlon Professional Intragen Total Detox Remedy Purify Exfoliating Shampoo

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Purify Exfoliating Shampoo Step 1

A shampoo with exfoliating particles and active ingredients that protect the hair fiber against pollution.

Apply shampoo onto scalp and massage. Leave for 5 minutes the wet hair at basin. Apply shampoo again and wash whole head. Then rinse till clean feeling squeaky.

Intragen Total Detox Remedy Purify Exfoliant Shampoo 250 ml/1000ml
It prevents free radicals from causing more damages.
Your hair will look soft, stronger, revitalized, healthier.

Features and benefits: dermatologically tested.
Bioactive and natural ingredients formula. The mixture is enriched with Moringa oleifera extraxt, hyaluronic acid, vit.E, and sage and rooibos extracts. Exfoliant action. It protects your hair from dagames caused by UV rays and from air pollution.

For better results, Step  1 SKU: RV-IN-220386:Purify Exfoliant Shampoo also use Step 2 :Mask SKU:RV-IN-220386 and Step 3 : serum SKU:RV-IN-220387
from Total Detox Remedy line by Intragen, available on Hair Passion Trading



使用说明:将洗发水涂在头皮上并按摩。 在脸盆上留5分钟的湿头发。 再次涂抹洗发水并洗净整个头部。 然后冲洗直至干净的吱吱作响。

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