Naturica Repairing Deep Mask

Name: Naturica Repairing Deep MaskSize: 50ml / 250ml / 1000ml

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Naturica Repairing Deep Mask

Intensive repair extremely dry and damaged hair [color save]

The combination of Olive Oil and Pistachio Oil, together with Keratin extract creates an ultra nourishing and smoothing treatment.

It deeply repairs hair fibers, helping to seal split ends, leaving hair shiny, soft and silky to the touch. In addition, the high content of phenolic compounds found in Pistachio Oil create a significant antioxidant and anti-free radical action by helping to strengthen and protect hair minimizing future damage caused by external agents and chemical treatments.

How To Use:

After rinsing shampoo, apply small amount down to ends of wet hair.
Leave on for 3-5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.
Style as usual.




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