Rica Shine Elixir

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Rica Shine Elixir

Characteristics:A unique and multifunctional very light treatment using Sicilian prickly pear oil and argan oil to be used on all hair types to enhance the look, feel, condition and style of the hair.

Why Shine Elixir:Conditions and treats the hair, makes it smoother and shinier, mends split ends, protects from heat styling and aids straightening process, speeds up the drying process and styling. Shields the hair from environmental damage and sun rays with all-natural UV protection.

How To Use:

Treatment: before cleansing with shampoo
Styling: use shine elixir after you have rinsed out shampoo or conditioner, and before you use yourusual styling product. Apply evenly to damp hair and style as usual.
Finishing and frizz control: Can also use on dry hair for frizz control and to seal the ends.
Color and Meches: Add to colour and bleach to improve finished condition.


为何选择仙果油:保护和治疗头发, 使它更柔顺润滑,有光泽,修补发尾开叉,在拉直头发的过程中有抗热和辅助的功能,缩短吹干头发的时间,和可用来做造型。确保头发不会让环境污染和紫外线给破坏,它提供全天然的UV保护。


治疗: 洗发前使用
造型: 在你冲掉洗发水或护发素后使用,和在你要用造型产品前使用。
和颜色的结合: 添加进颜色和漂白剂来改善效果。




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