Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme – 000 Clear

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000 White Clear

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème 3-in-1 cocktail-  250ml

Revlon Nutri Color Creme 000 White Cream is an instant hair
treatment without colour pigments for healthy, shiny hair.
Nutri Color White Cream can be used on its own as a nourishing
treatment or mixed with Nutri Color Fondant Colors for pastel
nuances in purple, pink, peach or turquoise.

Nutri Color creme 000 white clear 250ml 3 in 1 cocktail offers
you infinite possibilities in colour, care and shine.
Perfect for pastels or glossing coloring hair

Nutri Color Creme care benefits

Formulated with cosmetic ingredients-with the Nutri Color Synergy Complex to provide even more care.
Detangles the hair
Provides incredible shine
Refresh colours

Wash and towel dry hair. Spread the cream with comb or fingers.
Time for 3min for Colour refresh or 15min for a fantasy effect.
Rinse thoroughly.


  • Red shades are very powerful. Do not apply on to the scalp.
  • If skin is stained, wash with cotton soaked in water and shampoo.
  • There is no mixing required, just apply it straight from the bottle.


How do you take care of dyed white hair

Learn how to use and precaution, and upkeep snow-white hair.
Best on healthy hair that has not previously been dyed, permed
We need use this hair product to help your hair colour a lift
and also works to restore and maintain moisture.

Nutri Color Crème is a colour treatment especially designed
to boost colour vibrancy, perfect for in between salon
appointments to give coloured hair new life and shine.

It gives powerful, instant colour whilst smoothing hair with an anti-static effect.

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Crème 3-in-1 cocktail – 000 Clear 250ml
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