Soya Want It All 22 In 1 Leave-In Treatment

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Leave-In Treatment

Soya Want It All
22 In 1 Leave-In Treatment

A lightweight leave-in conditioner containing our Soy, Cocoa and Argan Oil blend that penetrates the hair shaft helping to rebuild and protect hair from roots to ends.

22 key benefits include: Thermal Protection, Humidity Resistance, Moisture, Nourishment, Body Building, Repair, Shine, Smoothness, Color Protection, Detangling, Elasticity, Environmental Protection, Anti-Static, Anti-Frizz, Anti-Aging, Soothing, Strength, Style Control, Damage Control, Lightweight, Priming and Damage Prevention.


How To Use
Wash condition hair with your favorite Sexy Hair Shampoo Conditioner. Spray Soya Want It All in hair and comb through for even application. With a round brush, begin blow drying hair until about 90% dry starting in the front. Stroke hair with your open fingers in the direction of desired finished results.

Argan Oil Naturally Hydrates Hair, Improves elasticity, Helps reduce frizz Canola Oil, Wheat amino acids, Panthenol- Pro Vitamin B Moisturizing, Nourishing and Conditioning for hair and scalp Keratec IFP Anti-Aging against environmental stress.






Healthy Sexy Hair


Dry Hair


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