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Number Three, Inc. was founded in 1951 and incorporated in 1956. Number three develops hair care products in its own laboratory and manufactures these products in its own factory at the headquartes located in Ibaraki – City, Osaka, Japan.

Number Three, Inc. currently exports its products to Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore and is planning to expand to other countries. Its main focus is to provide high quality educational and products to hair stylists and salon owners.

Number Three, Inc. is currently within top 10 manufacturers and a member of NBA (National Beauty & Barber Manufactures Association Japan).

Number Three,Inc.创立于1951年并成立于1956年。它拥有自己位于日本大阪的工厂及实验室,以研发及生产美容美发产品。

目前,Number Three已扩展事业至海外市场有如台湾,韩国,香港,加拿大,马来西亚及新加坡,并计划出口其产品到其他国家。然而,NUmber Three的主要重点是提供高质量的教育和产品予发型师,发廊业主,以协助他们面对美容美发的种种问题。

Number Three如今获得日本前10名制造商的荣誉,也成为日本NBA (National Beauty & Barber Manufactures’ Association Japan) 的成员之一。