Boran Professional Hair Curling Tong

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Boran Professional Hair Curling Tong


Don’t Thermal Top
Switch & Lamp
360 Degrees Of Rotation
AC 220-240v, 50Hz
High quality of insulation material could protect against electric shock.
“FR series” hair curlers are novel design with advanced foreign technology. They are easy to use, capanble to do many sort of hairstyles you expect and widely used in beauty salons and families.

How to use:Hair should be clean, dry or nearly dry, and free of tangles before using.

Select a “1” section of hair and place into the end of the style.
Using the cool tip, rotate the styler up to your roots.
For softer curls hold for 5-10 seconds & release. For tighter curls hold for 20 seconds.
Repeat throughout the rest of hair.


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