Revlon Professional Uniq One Dry Shampoo

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Uniq One Dry Shampoo All-in-One

Absorbs naturally occurring oils that can leave your hair looking dull and flat.

Thanks to its formulation it not only cleans and reenergizes your hair,

but also adds volume and texture, while leaving it freshly scented and

with a natural finish.

 Uniq One Dry Shampoo- 75ml , 300ml

-absorbs naturally occurring oils that can leave hair looking dull

– flat by cleaning and re-energizing hair, while adding volume

– texture between washes with 10 real benefits in 1 easy product

1. Cleanses without water
2. Refreshes and revives
3. Absorbs excess oils
4. Helps to preserve colour
5. Provides hair with a fresh scent
6. Minimal residue
7. Extends the life of your hairstyle
8. Easy to use: spray, brush and go
9. Adds volume
10. Natural finish”


Step 1.
Shake can well before spraying 10-15 cm from dry roots
Hold the dry shampoo four to six inches away from hair
and spray it directly at the roots. Start where hair feels oiliest
(for most women, that’s along the hairline, the nape of the neck,
and the crown of the head), spritzing one section of hair at a time.

Step 2.
Using your fingertips, massage the product into roots
and scalp so that the oil-absorbing action can take place evenly
across the head.

For extra lift, try flipping your head upside down while massaging the product into hair.

Step 3.
Smooth out hair with a brush or comb,Brush your hair or go with your fingers

through your hair.or grab your hot tools for a restyle.


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