Euro Hair Straightener Crimper

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Euro Hair Straightener Crimper

Highlights :

Cool Grip
Fast Heat Up
A Faster Hair Style For A Longer Time
Lock System
Long Power Cord For Professional Use
Exchangeable Combs
Extra Large Hot Plate
Light Indicator (Red When Plug In, Green When Switch On)
100-230 V
50/60 Hz
How to Use:

For straightening or smoothing hair, work with smaller section of approx. 2 inches, place the hair in between the straightener plates squeeze the handle together. Slowly glide through the hair, starting at the roots working towards the ends.
For any style, you should divide the head in sections, starting at the back nape area towards the crown, moving along the sides and finishing at the front top area.
Leave in fine, thin hair for 5 to 8 seconds or 10 to 12 seconds for thick or coarse hair.
Carefully, release pressure on the handles and let the hair slip out from the plates.
Repeat as necessary. Do not repeat on the same section of hair for an extended period of time.
Allow hair to cool off. Do not comb or brush since this will undo the hairstyle.
Self-regulating temperature control. The optimum temperature is maintained automatically.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 33 cm
Hair Equipment



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